Book Club: Little Heaven Discussion Questions

We’ve prepared a few discussion starters for your next Dark Side Reads Book Club meeting.

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  1. Little Heaven is unlike any other novel Nick Cutter has written—it’s an epic tale of terror that reads like a twisted Western. What elements of the book remind you of classic Western stories? Why do you think Cutter chose to use elements of this genre in a horror novel?
  2. Little Heaven is a settlement on which a charismatic preacher has gathered his followers. What does this remind you of? Why does it have the potential to incite fear? Does it also have the potential to be good?
  3. Little Heaven is brimming with grotesque imagery. Do you think that part of the appeal of this book stems from an indulgence in phobias, such as a fear of insects? What other phobias or fears does Cutter’s work explore?
  4. The trio of gunslingers—Micah Shughrue, Minerva Atwater, and The Englishman—are killers running against the law. They are also the only hope for those who remain at Little Heaven. How does Cutter work with themes of good and evil in this book? Does the definition of “good” change?



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