Meet the Author: Sandrone Dazieri

Sandrone Dazieri was born in Cremona in 1964. After graduating from a hotel-management school in San Pellegrino Terme, Dazieri worked for ten years all across Italy as a cook. He settled in Milan and began working a variety of jobs, from seller to porter, and played a very active role in the movement of Milan social centers.

In 1992, Dazieri started a career in the publishing world as a proofreader for Telepress editorial service, and after five years he was appointed general manager of the Milan branch. He also worked as a freelance journalist and collaborated with Manifesto as an expert of counterculture and genre fiction.

In 1999, Dazieri rose to popularity with the success of his thriller Attenti al gorilla(Watch Out For The Gorilla), the first in a best-selling series where the main character is a sort of doppelgänger of Dazieri himself, living the nightlife in Milan with all the ensuing troubles. Dazieri’s books are renowned for the fantastic adventures in which Sandrone, the protagonist who shares Dazieri’s name, is continuously involved in an uncontrollable destiny. It is Sandrone’s personality that always drives him to assist the weak and derelict, those who have lost all hope for help but for the Gorilla’s saving hand.  He confronts all sorts of dangers, in the best tradition of hardboiled thrillers. Aided by his alter ego, Socio, the rational split-personality of Sandrone, our hero combats chilling and hair-raising situations.

From 2000 to 2004, Dazieri was the chief editor of the crime series Gialli Mondadori(Mondadori Thrillers) and the catalogue for young readers, Libri per Ragazzi Mondadori(Mondadori Books for Youth). He is currently a literary consultant to the Mondadori Publishing House. He has written several other noir novels, such as La cura del Gorilla(Einaudi), Gorilla Blues (Strade Blu Mondadori), E’ stato un attimo (Mondadori Strade Blu 2006), Cemento Armato (ed.Mondadori 2007) and Bestie (VerdeNero edizioni ambiente 2007); a novel for kids (Disney Avventura), as well as some scripts for comics (Pinocchio, Diabolik) and many short stories.

Married, a vegetarian, and a pacifist, Dazieri currently lives in Milano, Pergola (a small town in the Italian countryside), Moscow, and Rome.

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